The Cotton Valley Hanger is locally manufactured in Central Florida. Cotton Valley Concepts uses high quality injection molded plastic to create this versatile device. Portion of our process uses recycled and post consumer products. It is available in black or white and bundled together in a package of three (3) hangers of like color. The hangers are shipped to you in a padded envelope or small box. The cost is $7.99 for three hangers plus shipping charges. There is a maximum total of 30 bundles, or 90 hangers, for each order.

Payments are made using PayPal. Please include the shipping address for the item with your PayPal payment and if this is a gift, please add a comment in the comment/note box.


Cotton Valley Hanger WHITE includes 3 hangers for $7.99 plus shipping.
Cotton Valley Hanger BLACK includes 3 hangers for $7.99 plus shipping.


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